Top 5 Things To Do This Fall in Toronto

October 11, 2016

Toronto has tons of amazing things to do to get festive this fall. Here are the top things to do for fall lovers:

See Fall Foliage on the Many Hiking Trails

Toronto is a massive city, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places for nature lovers as well as a thriving downtown core. Hiking trails can be found throughout the city, and in the fall there is beautiful fall foliage in these places that you might not expect in a city like Toronto. Our favorite trail is the Mast Trail, which gets pretty deep the more you get into it so be sure to bring a map (make sure to stop by the river here as well). We also love the trails in Morningside Park because there are countless different types of flowers here and because the park boarders Lake Ontario, so don’t miss the stunning view.

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Check out a Farmer’s Market

There are so many farmers markets to get fresh produce at in Toronto and they can be found throughout the city (and what better time of the year to get fresh produce?). The Junction Farmers Market is perfect for fresh produce as they have a huge selection provided by local growers. Need ingredients for thanksgiving dinner? Head here! Nothing says fall like baked goods, and if you head to the Danforth East market you can snag some of their famous butter tarts. Want fresh bread? We suggest going to Evergreen Brick Works market as they offer the best freshly baked bread in the city.

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Find a Pumpkin Patch in the GTA

Getting around the Greater Toronto Area is easy because there are plenty of public transit options available. While you can’t find pumpkin patches in Toronto itself, you don’t have to travel far to find a pumpkin patch and get in the fall spirit. Newmarket (which is about 45 minutes by bus) has a great pumpkin patch which also has a market to purchase some awesome baked goods and a petting zoo (great if you have children!). Oshawa also has a great place to pick pumpkins called Linton’s Farm Market, which also offers great wagon rides!

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Small World Music Festival

Happening from September 15-25, the Small World Music Festival happens on the West Island area of Ontario Places and gives attendees the chance to experience some awesome art and music. Stellar contemporary musicians from a diverse range of backgrounds will give performances, displaying Toronto’s multiculturalism. If you want to spend some time outside in the crisp fall weather before the chill of winter sets in, head to this event and experience some amazing live music! Make sure to buy tickets as early as possible.

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Nuit Blanche Art Festival

During the Nuit Blanche art festival, countless downtown locations are transformed into art exhibits created by a wide range of Toronto artists. This is one of the most popular annual events held in Toronto (it is usually held in late October) and gives attendees the chance to experience some of the best modern art in some of the most creative ways. The best part is, the event is entirely FREE! What better way to spend a crisp fall evening?

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Written by Kent Austin

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