Top 4 Favourite Fall Activities in Vancouver

September 3, 2016

September is officially here! Even though the Fall season may be upon us soon, there is no need to fret. Just remember that summer is not officially over in Vancouver. You know what else? Fall can be great too. There are many special activities that people of all ages can participate in! Here’s a list of my favourite fall activities in one of Canada’s most gorgeous cities: Vancouver!

Maplewood Farm

Honestly, going to a farm in slightly cooler weather, with a piping hot apple cider in one hand, and a view of the magnificent autumn leaves falling down by your side is really one of the best things ever. Enter Maplewood Farm. You can do all of that there, while also taking a glance at or petting some of their signature mascots, such as Rosie the miniature donkey, and Fluffy the giant New Zealand rabbit. Farms are personally my favourite to-go spots in Fall.

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VanDusen Botanical Garden

Did you know that flowers like hydrangeas and heathers are a part of the Autumn season? They bloom during the cooler weather and feature their best petals then. I bet you’d swoon a little by the looks of them. The Alma VanDusen Meadow Garden is a fan favourite and features Japanese Red Maples. Talk about gorgeous. Make sure you take many photographs of the beautiful Autumn landscape and frame them up, adding in some colourful decor to your home sweet home.

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Vancouver Art Gallery

Cooler than normal temperatures in the Fall calls for… indoor activities! The Vancouver Art Gallery has an impressive collection of 10,000 pieces of artwork that contain genres from the historical period to contemporary styles. Grab a cup of coffee and chat with your friends or peers, while admiring the beautiful artwork. Why not have a friendly debate while you’re at it? Compromise with one another on the piece that’s the most visually appealing to your eyes.

Find tons of things to do this fall in Vancouver here!

Fright Nights

If you go out on Halloween, I guarantee that you won’t get away without a sweat break or a scream from something terrifying out in the night. That is, if you attend a Fright Night at the Pacific National Exhibition. The whole amusement park turns into a nightmare for scaredy-cats! There will be actors in bloody costumes, exhibits that defy the odds, and haunted mansions that will scare the living right out of you. Maybe your soul will actually leave your body for a bit. Who knows right?

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Written by Shirley Li

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