Top 5 Places to be in San Diego for College Students

August 16, 2016
San Diego

Ever thought of going to college in San Diego? You should, because this city is full of amazing schools as well as amazing places for young people to party and chill.

Effin’s Pub and Grill

This bar is perfect for young people living in the college areas that surround it. Come here to watch any of the current sports games (this place is a favorite for people to watch games) and while you’re at it grab some of their tasty pub fare (we suggest trying the buffalo chicken). Drinks here are fairly priced and are a favorite of the area. Try any of the beers on tap or any of their mix drinks that are great because the bartenders know how to mix hard liquor well. What more could you want for a night out?

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PB Shore Club

You came to San Diego to do the beach, right? While you’re at it, try any of their ocean bars or restaurants located next to the ocean that offer great drinks and awesome food. One of our favorites is PB Shore Club, which gives the best experience to those wishing to dine after a long day at the beach. Located right next to the shore, this place has an upstairs patio that allows diners to catch some amazing views of the ocean as they enjoy a drink. Grab some awesome fish tacos and nachos, or maybe just grab a drink as you soak up the sun at this fabulous place.

Coin-Op Game Room

Tons of students flock to Coin-Op Game Room each night to grab some cheap drinks and play some classic arcade games. The place has 20 beers on tap and serves some of the most interesting cocktails in the entire city. Check out the arcade if you like, which features fun games not just for video game lovers (this is a cool date idea). If you want to unwind after a long week of studying, head to this hangout spot.

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FLUXX Nightclub

Who said that San Diego doesn’t have good clubs? FLUXX Nightclub sets San Diego apart from other cities as an awesome place to be for those wanting to dance and drink while listening to some awesome DJs do their thing. The famous DJs that spin here are what to look forward to. Past performers here have included DJ Jam and DJ Amen. The club also has an outdoor patio to cool off, and the bars here serve some of the most creative cocktails that can be found in San Diego. If you love music and partying, what are you waiting for?

Mission Beach

The Mission Beach area has something for everyone, so you can relax for an entire day here after you finally finish studying. Bike or stroll along the boardwalk, or chill on the beach and play some sports (which is awesome because the beach itself tends to draw large numbers of people). There is also a rollercoaster at Mission Beach for those feeling adventurous. The area surrounding Mission Beach is well-known for its nightlife (we suggest trying places like Guava Beach and The Beachcomber) and most places to go out are pretty relaxed, so no need to go home and change after the beach!

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