Top 4 Amazing Ways to Have Fun in Barcelona

August 13, 2016

Sun, fun and clubs. Barcelona has something for everyone. Check out the these can’t miss things to do:

Catch Some Rays on the Amazing Beaches

Barcelona is known for having some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches are packed with young people, clean sand and the occasional palm tree! The waters on the beach are crystal clear and are the perfect temperature for swimming. Head to the famous Barcelona beach where entertainment frequently happens (such as drum players). Also try Castelldefels Beach for a beach located in the heart of the city. Many beaches also have seafood eateries, so you can grab some awesome Spanish seafood while enjoying your day.

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Experience the Amazing Nightlife

The nightlife establishments in Barcelona are located in all of the major districts and cater to anyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for a high-end club to dance or a cheap dive bar to have a no frills time, there is something for you in Barcelona. We suggest going to Razzmatazz for an amazing patio and a gorgeous venue. If you would rather go to a cheaper alternative, check out Dow Jones. If you want something really exciting, check out Dry Martini Speakeasy which is considered one of the most famous cocktail bars in the world.

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Take a Boat Trip

A trip to Barcelona would not be complete without a boat trip along the shore, showing you the whole city from a gorgeous view. You can rent a boat and live it up on your own (this is surely the most fun thing to do). If you do no want to spend the money, there are countless boat tour options that you can take including guided tours and private sailing tours (there is an option for every budget). Another wicked alternative is parasailing along the coast, which is super thrilling.

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Shop, Shop, Shop!

Most people do not know that Barcelona is the perfect destination for shopping whether you’re looking for cheaper, vintage clothes or high-end European styles. Try shopping places like Centre Comercial Arenes de Barcelona for a gorgeous location with some awesome shops offering the finest clothing. For a cheaper shopping location offering stylish stuff, try Bershka. If you want to dress like the locals, head to Custo Barcelona because it offers clothing designed by Spanish designers. Whether you want to spend $10 of $100, Barcelona has something for every budget.

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Written by Kent Austin






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