Top 5 Insanely Romantic things to do in Venice

August 11, 2016

This is nothing new: Venice is the most romantic haven. Here are places you might not have thought of:

Choose a Different approach

Choose a different way of staying in Venice. We all stay as a tourist, but you can actually feel like a resident when in Venice. Choose to live among the Locals, talk about the famous food markets and get time to walk to one (such as the Rialto Market).

Gondola Rides

This is very obvious if you go to Venice, but gondola rides are a compulsion. No doubt the capital of romance is not so cheap, but you can spend wisely. When you finally decide to take the ride in the water of Venice, choose the one that does not come with a singer. You can also get details and information about the places from the Gondola person. We assure you, the water rides will be the most beautiful part of the day.

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Quiet Nights

After enjoying the heat of the sun throughout the day, the sunset of Venice is the must see spot. We mean the setting sun and its reflection in the water. All blue, orange, pink and those beautiful colours on earth. We would call it a perfect time for indulging yourself in deep talks, or if you want to propose your partner for a marriage simply put your feelings out. Venice will just prove to be the right place.


The long waterfront gives you the best experience. With light wind howling you can take a walk along the sides of the water, or just grab a seat next to the shore. If you are thinking of celebrating a typical dinner night, Zattere is where you need to go. It’s so quiet, peaceful and has so much privacy. Or, you can visit the old historical buildings as you walk along the waterside. If you continue to walk towards the east side, you can see the famous Spirito Santo Church. There are several bars and restaurants along the waterfront, so you can always switch from one place to the other easily.

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Rialto Bridge

Your visit to Venice can never be complete without seeing the captivating view from the Rialto Bridge. It is considered to be one of the oldest bridges in the world. The bridge runs over two districts, San Marco on one side and San Polo on the other. So imagine yourself standing with your lover on this old bridge, looking down at one district on your left and the other on your right. It is very amusing. A story that the locals say about the bridge is that it is marked with some holy powers. The natives believe that the bridge was burnt down thousands of years back but was still left unharmed. Everyone falls victim to the beauty of Venice.

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Written by Sarita Dhaka



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