The Ultimate Guide of Where to Study Abroad

July 5, 2016

Thinking of studying abroad? Not without checking this list of student friendly cities you’re not. Happy studies!

Stockholm, Sweden

The famous Stockholm University attracts countless exchange students each year. It is the largest university in Scandinavia and is considered one of the top 100 universities in the world. As Sweden is a low and free tuition country, fees for international students are not much. The relaxed yet active lifestyle of people in Sweden will surely give any North American a culture shock!

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Paris, France

We all know Paris is a must visit city for everyone’s bucket list. Stunning French architecture, iconic sites and romantic activities galore make this a prime spot for students to travel to. Universities in Pairs are equally impressive (it’s not ALL fun and games), featuring the University of Pairs but also the Sciences Po Paris which produces some of the best humanities scholars.

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Melbourne, Australia

Described as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne is a great destination for students. Student nightlife here is amazing. Try Turf bar, an old-school spot with tons of grills and brands of draught beers. Also check out Queen Victoria Market, which spans 2 city blocks and offers clothing, accessories and a ton of specialty foods!

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Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a great place to study for North American students looking for a change of pace without having to go overseas, or overseas students looking to experience the Canadian lifestyle. Quebec has renowned universities such as the University of Ottawa and McGill University and the amazingly cheap prices of things in cities like Montreal make Quebec very student friendly.

Los Angeles, California

We’ve all watched those teen soap operas and dreamed about going to school by the beach, or strolling the boardwalk with our friends. Going to school in Los Angeles makes this happen. Learn to surf or visit the original Disneyland! This city is also filled with countless arts and culture museums, if that is your thing. Most importantly, the city is the best city for food lovers!

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London, England

London is a safe place to go for North Americans looking for a new experience without having to learn a new language. There are so many fun things to do in London such as enjoy its renowned nightlife or revel in its status as a fashion forward city. These things aside, this is the best city in the world for scholarly types as it is home to the best universities on the planet such as Oxford and Cambridge University

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Berlin, Germany

Perhaps no other city on earth is as student friendly as Berlin. The city is split into countless districts and some are specifically geared towards students, with countless vintage clothing stores and hot hangouts for students of the city to mingle. The other districts are filled with major sites including famous historic memorials, so you can squeeze in your tourist time without having to travel far.

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Written Kent Austin

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