Enchanting Activities in the World’s Most Romantic City

June 28, 2016


You probably think that Paris, France is the most romantic city in the world but I wish to challenge this. Known also as the Pink City of India, the city Jaipur in Northern India is the best place to go to experience some romantic moments, and I will tell you why.

Amber Fort

The primary tourist attraction in Jaipur is romantic because of its scenery and because of the activities that are available to tourists that will surely entice romance. The fort itself has an amazing ambiance, consisting of red sandstone and marble that covers all 4 levels. The Maota Lake and Garden is probably the most beautiful place here, consisting of gorgeously maintained greenery that surrounds ancient Indian architecture (you will think that you have stepped straight into a movie). The most popular tourist activity to do here for couples is taking elephant rides to the main entrance. The elephants are decorated in traditional painted Indian style patterns as they transport guests.

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Fairmont Jaipur

Located next to the beautiful Aravalli hills, this hotel might not sound romantic to you because it is part of a chain, but Fairmont has made sure that every detail about this hotel reflects the local romantic ambiance. The architecture and décor is inspired by the Mughal dynasty, with rooms that adorn Rajasthani décor. Dine next to pools under canopies at this hotel, experiencing Rajasthani and Mediterranean cuisine. This hotel also has a chocolate buffet for diners that is the largest in the city (nothing entices romance like chocolate, right?). The hotel also offers romantic activities such as hot air ballooning and elephant picnics.

Nahargarh Fort

Located near the Aravalli hills, this fort attracts countless couples each year because of its breathtaking view of Jaipur city from above. The fort itself is very old looking in its aesthetic, sparking interest for visitors (make sure to check out the rooftop terrace, one of the coolest things to see there). If you want spark that first kiss, we recommend standing in the fort and overlook the city.

Central Park

Yes, Jaipur has its own Central Park. The largest of many parks in the city, this park may not be as popular for tourists as the New York Central Park, but its quaint ambiance trumps it for enticing romance for couples. The park features a green beautiful garden, as well as a 5 km jogging and walking track which is perfect for couples. Countless native birds and plant species nestle in this park each year, making it the best place for bird watchers (a romantic way to lose track of time with your date).

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Catch a Pink Panthers Game

A soccer game is not very romantic for some, but for others its one of the most fun things to do for couples. The Pink Panthers play Kabaddi, a variation of cricket, meaning that spectators are treated to something new (assuming that they are not from India or have never heard of this game). The team plays very well, so don’t be surprised if the energy and excitement at a game makes energy for you and your date that will be unforgettable.

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Written by Kent Austin

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