Most Beautiful things to see in Budapest

May 26, 2016

Budapest is home to so much beautiful scenery that it can’t possibly be contained in a single post. Here are some of the notably stunning locations to visit, all very different and all very beautiful.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Located in Budapest’s castle district, the panoramic view from this Bastion is one of the best in the city, providing a stunning view of the Danube River and the surrounding areas. The bastion itself is also stunning, made of seven white-stoned towers that will dazzle any visitor.


Those willing to climb the famous 700 foot Gellért Hill will be greatly rewarded with a view from the Citadella. Built in 1851 as a type of fortress, this structure is itself beautiful and provides an amazing view of the Danube River (overlooking all 8 bridges).

Gellért Hill Cave

Also called Saint Ivan’s Cave, this cave belongs to a network of caves located inside of Gellért Hill and is home to Cave Church. The size and natural interior of the chapel makes it unlike any church in Europe (which are usually known for their extravagance).

Gellért Baths

Visit for a thermal bath in mineral hot springs water. If the spa isn’t your thing (or you’re on a budget), it is definitely worth it to experience the amazing Hungarian architecture of the bath complex or even have a coffee at the café!

Tomb of Gül Baba

Visit this ancient, octagonal tomb built in the 16th century. Also, don’t miss the nearby rose garden which has several fountains and some gorgeous historic architecture.

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