4 Paradises for Live Music Lovers

May 20, 2016

Nothing beats the thrill of listening to live music. While most cities have some form of live music, some stand out as gems. Get your fix by checking out these places with revered live music scenes.

Austin, Texas

As Austin’s official slogan is “live music capital of the world” it’s no surprise that you can’t go anywhere without hearing live music. With the most music venues per capita you can expect to hear live music in the airport, on the street and even in some stores (amazing, right!?). Walk down the famous Sixth Street; the area is riddled with music venues and performances happening throughout the week. The South by Southwest interactive media festival has music that makes Austin one of the hottest places for live music fanatics.

Berlin, Germany

When western artists began touring Europe in the 70’s, Berlin became a hotspot for performances and eventually Krautrock was born (a minimalist rock and electronic music genre). Germany is renowned for its nightlife, and the city is riddled with music venues where you can hear live music until morning. Check out the music club Quasimodo, where Jazz and soul artists play most nights.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha has a long history of producing major artists spanning genres like jazz, rock and blues. The city is currently becoming known for its underground hip hop scene, with hip hop clubs popping up around the city. Invented to keep Omaha’s music scene nationally recognized, don’t miss the famous indie rock festival Maha happening on August 20 (with artists such as Passion Pit!).

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax’s music scene exploded in the nineties as local alternative rock music acts gained recognition. The buzz has continued. Check out The Carleton Music Bar & Grill for awesome performances by rock bands, or The Seahorse Tavern where different acts play constantly. The alternative rock festival Halifax Pop Explosion is happening from October 19-22.

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Written by Kent Austin from chillwall.com

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