See Rome on a Budget

May 6, 2016

Written by Kent Austin from


Although it is one of the priciest destinations in Europe, even Rome can be experienced on a budget. Here are some ways to experience the beauty of this ancient city without emptying your wallet …

Rome’s Ultimate Free Walks

Rome’s Ultimate Free Walks provides free walking tours throughout Rome. Learn about Roman history, as well as places to go and Rome’s nightlife (tours last 2 hours, for 3 kilometers).

Visit the Pantheon

Be stunned by the massive, gorgeous interior of this ancient Catholic church. Visit on Sunday’s to experience a mass, or simply go to explore its monuments on your own.

Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary

Hundreds of felines roam the ancient and beautiful remains of ancient stone temples in Largo di Torre Argentina square. Spend hours spotting furry friends among the ruins, and later visit the adoption centre to see the cats in person!

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