Things To Do in Europe: For Cat Lovers

April 29, 2016

Europe has something for everyone. If you’re a cat lover, be sure to check out these cat-related activities as you tour the continent!

The Kattenstoet (“Festival of the Cats”)

On the Second Sunday in May Ypres, Belgium, hosts the Festival of the Cats. Cat fanatics, rejoice! Come for the parade, and do not miss the many plush cats that are thrown into the crowd.

Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary

Hundreds of felines roam the ancient and beautiful remains of ancient stone temples in Largo di Torre Argentina square. Spend hours spotting furry friends among the ruins, and later visit the adoption centre to see the cats in person!

The Cat Boat, Netherlands

A home for stray and abandoned cats, this cat sanctuary floats! Since 1966, this houseboat has been caring for homeless felines, and has since become a professional sanctuary. Enjoy the scenery of the canal belt while spending time with adorable cats!

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