Things To Do in London: For the Summer

April 26, 2016

London is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Everyday there is something to do, from museums, music, nightlife, strolling through parks or shopping.

For sure the agenda includes something for you and it is sometimes difficult to choose, especially in summer, when there are endless activities both indoor and outdoor.

Dancing at Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in London and if it is a must all year, it is even more special during the last weekend of August when its famous carnival is celebrated.

For two days, the parades with floats, music and dance, which more than a million people are added, reflect the Caribbean origin of this festival and that predominate the sounds and colors of Trinidad and Tobago.

Seeing a Bellini’s Opera in Holland Park

Every summer, the Holland Park located west of the city becomes an opera house outdoor and therefore becomes one of the most original theaters in London. In its facilities a temporary structure built carefully between the buildings of the eighteenth century reign in this park. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the best aria live without paying an exorbitant price for it. The environment also very lovely as you get to sit on velvet armchairs.

Experiencing the art and the culture at Somerset House

Somerset House in central London is a major cultural and art center that offers many exhibits, such as free ones. It is worth visiting Somerset House just for the building. The beautiful neo-classical work has a large patio where, in the summer, you can enjoy the dancing fountains.

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