Best Places For A Coffee Date In Los Angeles

April 11, 2016

Everybody loves being in love and also everybody loves drinking coffee. The coffee date is the typical dating style in North America and around the world. In Los Angeles, many people go on coffee dates even though the weather is always warm there. Here are the top places to go out on a coffee date in Los Angeles.

Cafe Loft

This cafe has one of the nicest atmospheres in all of LA. It is cozy, romantic and they also serve some great coffee. Their waffles are amazing. Great food. If your date has a sweet tooth, bring them here.

Espresso Profeta 

This coffee shop , near UCLA, has many romantic qualities that make it a great place to have a date. They got a great patio and the coffee and food is amazing. Make sure to arrive early because this place is popular.

Cafe Scent

If you want to escape the traditional coffee shops, then Cafe Scent might be for you. Offering coffee and Korean cuisine, this cafe is not your local Starbucks. They offer many Asian influenced drinks and food. Very great place to eat as well. Nice for a date because usually it is quiet.

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