Best Places To Workout In Manchester UK:

April 3, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from


Manchester has some of the most amazing football clubs in the world. So it is with no suprise that Manchester is home to some of the coolest places to workout. Here are some of the best places to feel the burn.

Fighting Fit Martial Arts And Fitness Centre

Ever wanted to look like Rhonda Rousey or GSP?? Well get that fighter look at Fighting Fit. They have all types of mixed martial arts workouts to get you into fighting fit. You don’t need to fight to train for one. Great cardio and strength workouts as well. Check it out.

Train Manchester

This place has some of the best crossfit in Manchester. You will for sure get an amazing all body workout. Go through the movements to make you stronger. This workout is popular and consists of many different things. Good luck.

Hockanum River Hiking Trail

If you aren’t looking to pay to get a good cardio workout, then check out Hockanaum river trail. This great hiking trail is famous in Manchester and is one of the top places for a hike. Arrive early and bring running shoes. If it is your first time, bring a camera.

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