Awesome Gaming Events for Gamers

April 1, 2016

Written by Jonathan Tam from


E3 — Los Angeles Convention Center

This is one of the biggest gaming events in North America where companies can display their upcoming productions. There are the big companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment, and many more. This event lets visitors try out their new games. No way you can be bored when you play games during this event.

TwitchCon — San Diego Convention Center

Twitch is a streaming site where gamers can livestream a particular game that they enjoy. Twitch is holding an event where the fans and subscribers can meet their favourite streamer from games like League of Legends, CS:GO, or Dota. Just like any other gaming event, there is a free play area where you can have fun playing games.

PAX East — Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

This is another event that you can attend that is not only just for gaming, but also features anime, comics, concerts and so on. There is a console freeplay area where you can play all the classic consoles and hundreds of games. There are panels you can visit and chat with other people with a common interest. If you get bored of playing video games, you can join the Tabletop area where you can play board games.

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