Things To Do In Toronto: Best Places To See Movies On A Student Budget

March 5, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from


Everyone loves movies. Maybe they love the music, the story, the characters, or the effects. Nowadays though, movies can be expensive. This list has some of the cheapest places to see a movie in downtown Toronto.

Rainbow Cinemas

Rainbow Cinemas is known across Canada as being a budget theater but it is still alot of fun. They have great prices for movies and food and there ticket prices are sometimes 50 percent less than major cinemas. They place all new movies and on the first night of the film , they have a party.

Carlton Cinemas

This theater is nicely located close to College Station. They show  foreign movies, old movies, and new movies. They also have free movie nights and also party nights. 5 dollars on Tuesdays. Carlton Cinemas has comfy seats and a fun atmosphere. They also serve beer.

Royal Cinema

If you love old theaters , then you will love Royal Cinema. This theater is very popular and offers free movie nights on Mondays. They have a variety of films for you to pick from. This theater is truly a classic.

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