Keep It A Secret: Best Restaurants in Toronto For Students On A Budget

February 26, 2016

By Michael Jacobsen from


Going out in the city can cost you a pretty penny. If your a student in Toronto, then it may be hard for you to go out. These places are the best places to grab a great meal at a place that will not eat up your wallet.

The George Street Diner

If you want a great breakfast or lunch at a great price, then try The George Street Diner. This place has a vintage diner feel to it. With round bar stools and a long serving table, this place will make you feel like in the 60s. Food is great and the business is local. Was used in a few movies as a great date spot. They also serve alcohol and have some great cocktail deals.

Patrician Grill

Patrician Grill has been serving up great food for over 50 years. There is such a great variety in their menu. From salads to BLTs, this greasy spoon legend will have you licking your chops. Great on the wallet as well. They have been around for 50 years so they gotta be doing something right.

Salad King

This is a place that every student knows about. If you want a great meal that isn’t just burgers and fries, try the Salad King. This Thai restaurant is yummy on the tummy and fair on the wallet. The place is amazing and very clean. Food is great and you get alot of it. Try it out.

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