Conquer Routine! Best Beer Pubs in Manchester

February 1, 2016
Beer Pubs

Manchester is a hub of economic, cultural and sports activities throughout the UK, so the streets are always crowded with people moving up and down. Besides, this wonderful city has the best Beer Pubs from all over the world.

The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms is both a cultural center and pub. This nautical-themed bar shows concerts and film screenings.

The New Oxford

This pub has an impressive range of imported bottled beers from the rest of Europe and microbrews on tap. Try to approach The New Oxford during one of the beer festivals organized regularly, and you’ll have dozens of beers to choose from throughout the weekend.

The Marble Arch

This bar is located somewhat outside of the busiest areas but worth going to because it’s a great pub that’s full of 120 years old of history. Do not leave without trying the Marble beers, which are made in-house.


Located in the university area, this bar is frequented by a mix of students and young professionals. It is also the main meeting point for bikers of Manchester. Go for the beer, and if you can stay at one of the music sessions held regularly, then go for it.

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