How to Have Fun On A Budget In London

January 28, 2016
london on a budget

London has lots of fun things to do. Many of these fun things cost money and can be very expensive. These are some things in London, that are free.

Museums and Galleries

Many of London’s museums and galleries are free. Check out the Science museum, where they have lots of fun interactive exhibits. You can also check out the RAF museum. Check out the Grant Museum of Zoology!! All of these are very inexpensive to check out.

The Parks

If walking around smelling nature and seeing beautiful scenery is your thing, then check out Hyde Park. Hyde Park is described as the Central Park of London. It’s beautiful trees and history will have you amazed.  Some parks also have free performances.

The Colleges

Most colleges in London have free exhibits and lectures for you to sit in. You can learn and experience Zoology first hand. Check out the Grant Museum on campus to learn more.

For more free events in London, check out 

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